Completing Create phase 1

When the Create phase is active, it will be highlighted in green. Click on The label for the Create phase is shown to get started.

The four phases of the assignment are shown. Currently, phase 1 is active

On the first screen, you will have the opportunity to review your assignment. Watch for the buttons The button for Rubric is shown or The button for Graphic Organizer is shown. If these are visible, you can click on these for additional information regarding your assignment.

The assignment expectations are shown. These are the instructions you are expected to follow when completing your assignment

When you are ready to submit your assignment, click on The button for Save & Next is shown in the bottom bar.

You will now see the text editor window:

The text editor window is shown. This is where your assignment can be typed in, or reviewed if already submitted

Use the text editor to submit your assignment. You will be able to use the formatting tools provided, including an equation editor and the ability to paste from Word. If your assignment is lengthy, be sure to click the The button for Save Assignment is shown button periodically. Note: for some assignments you will be required to upload a file rather than typing your response.

Once you have completed your submission, click on The button for Save & Next is shown.

As a final step in Phase 1, you may be asked to assess the quality of your submission. This will not affect your final mark, so you’re asked to be honest. Throughout the peerScholar learning process you will be given the chance to critically reflect on the your work and the work of your peers.

The assignment rating scale is shown. Often this is a scale of 5 stars.

When finished, click on The button for Save & Finish is shown.

You’ll be taken back to the main screen, and will see the progress bar set to 100% for the Create Phase. Congratulations, you’re done this Phase!

Be sure to check the deadlines for the next Phase!

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