Completing an assignment

Once you have logged into peerScholar, you will arrive at your course page. If you are using peerScholar in more than one course, you can find the right course using the menu tab bar in black underneath the orange peerScholar logo.

On this screen, you will see all your assignments. In the image shown, Assignment 1 is currently in Phase 1. Current phases are highlighted in green and the prior phases will be shown in red. Assignments that have not started will be shown in grey, like Assignment 2 shown here:


The peerScholar dashboard is shown for an English course. Other courses are shown as tabs in the top menu. The first assignment is currently active and in phase 1. A second assignment is also shown, however it is not yet activated.

When you are ready to complete a phase, simply click on the phase highlighted in green.

Notice the progress bars for all active or completed phases. Due dates will be shown for all phases, whether the assignment is currently active or has yet to start.

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