Understanding assignment deadlines

From the student perspective, there are three major phases to each peerScholar assignment. You will always complete all three phases: Phases 1 (Create), 2 (Assess), and Phase 3 (Reflect/Revise). In some cases in Phase 3 you’ll be given opportunity to resubmit a revised piece for final grading.

Your instructor will inform you at the beginning of the assignment as to what’s expected of you. Upon completion of all phases, Phase 4 begins and a TA or Professor grades your work. Once the grades are released, your assignment grade will be available for review by clicking on Phase 4.

The current phase is always highlighted in green. Completed phases are shown in red. The dates for all phases are also displayed.

peerScholar Dashboard is shown for an English course. Four phases are shown - with the first phase (Create) being highlighted in Green, denoting it is the active phase.

Each phase has pre-set deadlines, and you are expected to complete them within the time allotted. It is important to complete all phases otherwise you may be penalized. Some instructors may assign a mark of 0 for the entire assignment if you do not complete all phases. NOTE: You have to actually complete your work and submit BEFORE the deadline. If you log in before the deadline, and then the deadline passes while you’re completing your work, it will be considered late.

After completing Phase 1, take note of the deadlines for the next phase. You will be expected to log back into peerScholar during that time to complete your assignment.


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