Completing Reflect/Revise phase 3

In Phase 3 you will be asked to critically reflect on what you learned during this assignment. This may also include the opportunity to revise and re-submit your assignment.

To begin, click The label for phase 3, Reflect/Revise is shown.

The assignment phases is shown, with phase 3 currently activated

You will be provided with instructions on what to do next. If your assignment has a rubric or a graphic organizer, click on those buttons to review them. You can also click on the The button for Assignments is shown button to review the assignment expectations.

The assignment feedback instructions are shown. The Save & Next button is shown at the bottom of the screen.

Click The Save & Next button is shown to begin.

Next you will be shown the feedback that was written on your assignment by your peers. Take your time to review all the feedback. After evaluating the feedback, you may be asked to rate the usefulness of the comments provided by your peer. Click The Save & Next button is shown once you’re finished.

Feedback from the peers are shown. Tabs are shown to navigate between peers' feedback.

The peer feedback form is shown allowing ratings and feedback to be provided

If the Revise step is turned on, you will then be provided with the opportunity to review your original submission, make changes based on all the feedback you’ve been provided (including the observations you’ve made by reviewing your peers’ work). Take your time, and be sure to click The Save Assignment button is shown periodically. Once you’re done, click The Save & Next button is shown.

For your reference, your submitted assignment is shown

In some cases, you may be asked to provide a personal reflection on how you’ve improved your assignment throughout this process. Be sure to be thoughtful because your final mark will depend on your ability to demonstrate critical thought. When finished, click The Save & Next button is shown.

The feedback screen is shown.

Finally you will be asked to rate the work you originally submitted. When finished, click The Save & Finish button is shown.

The final ratings screen is shown. You will be asked to rate your original submission using the star scale, and potentially to provide specific feedback

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