Completing Assess phase 2

In Assess Phase 2, you will review the submitted works of your peers. Depending on the nature of the assignment, you will be expected to review between two and six peers. Keep in mind, you will be graded on the quality of feedback that you provide so take this part of the peerScholar learning process seriously!

To get started, click on The label for the Assess button is shown.

The assignment phases are shown, with phase 2, Assess, being indicated as active

You will be provided with instructions on what to do next. If your assignment has a rubric or a graphic organizer, click on those buttons to review them. You can also click on the The Assignments button is shown button to review the assignment expectations.

 rubric, and graphic organizer. The Save & Next button is shown.

Click The Save & Next button is shown to continue.

During the peer feedback process, you will be shown the work of one of your peers. It will be up to you to read the submission, and provide useful and thoughtful feedback to your peer. Generally this consists of a numbered scale (e.g. out of 10), and a number of short-answer comments. If inline comments are enabled, you can highlight parts of the assignment shown and provide further comments. Remember to be thoughtful in the comments you provide as your final grade for the assignment may depend on it!

Assignment submissions by your peers are shown, with tabs to navigate between peers (once your reviews have been given)

The feedback screen is shown. This is the same screen as above, however the view has been scrolled downwards. At the bottom of the screen, you will be able to provide feedback

Once you are finished, click The Save & Next button is shown to continue.

As a final step, you may be asked to complete additional self-assessment. Remember, this is based on your submission. The idea is once you’ve seen how your peers answered the assignment, you are being asked to think critically about the quality of your own submission. Be honest, and keep in mind this will not affect your final mark.

The self-assess screen is shown. Often this will be a star-scale where you can click on the number of stars that matches the score you would like to apply

When you are done, click The Save & Next button is shown to finish this Phase.

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